Novakayn are currently in the studio recording a new E.P – Heal the People, the main theme is of peace. This is a passion the entire band share...a passion for peace.

They are also finally recording a few of the live crowd favourites such as Illusion, I AM and a new version of Blue Tonight recorded as a duet with the amazing Kiam...we think our audience will love it!

Novakayn is a 5 piece Earthy Soft Rock Activist band who are passionate about being real in their music and attitudes, and passionate about World Peace. Caring for the future of our Environment and looking after our ailing planet are also high on this bands agenda.

This band with a massive heart is carving a unique niche for themselves in the world by making a difference both with their great melodic music and their cause... Peace! Novakayn's Earthy but Melodic sound and feel is getting people pumpin' with the looove!

With the percussive beats on Djembe by Kiam Robertson to give it the feel, then flavoured with the healing sounds of Ian Hakker on Didge. Add in the smoooth and sultry guitar and the peace and love inspiring songs of Writer/ Rhythm Guitarist, Geoff Anderson, perfectly blended with the sexy sounds of Alex Gresley on Lead Guitar. Top it all of with the Backing Vocals of Alex Gresley & Kiam Robertson and you have an awesome foundation. The delicious icing on the cake would be the sultry, raunchy and heart thread voice of Kaz Field-Anderson.

Their music comes from their hearts to yours. Kaz says "Every person that listens to our music becomes a part of our family. We work tirelessly responding to every email and message , and know that without you, there is no us! We keep it real in both our music and our attitudes. You will find our music easy to listen to, full of catchy hooks, melodic, great harmonies and at times, poignant, but always full of emotion." Kaz is often likened to Stevie Nicks in her voice and Novakayn are likened to a modern day Fleetwood Mac.

Their Last Single, Tommy (New York Lullaby) was dedicated to the Homeless. Available on iTunes. Please support us in supporting our brothers and sisters, who have been a little down on their luck! On the October long weekend, we will be doing another Sedona's Sleepout 4 the Homeless. Every participant pays a $50 sponsorship fee (or more if they wish) and all money raised goes to Coast Shelter for the Homeless. This initiative is the brainchild of Kaz & Geoff's 14yr old daughter Sedona, a cause she is very passionate about. Find Sedona's Sleepout 4 the Homeless on Facebook and join her cause.

Visit our store now and lend your support. Wouldn’t it be an awesome world if we all showed a little more kindness?

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